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This clim­bing gar­den is often visi­ted after mul­ti-pitch rou­tes at Augst­kum­men or Wiwan­ni­horn. The well-secu­red rou­tes are excel­lent for trai­ning pur­po­ses. The rou­tes Pre­lude and Tschar­li are ide­al rou­tes to prac­ti­ce the mul­ti-pitch technique.
The hike from the hut to Sche­p­fip­fi­ler takes about 15 minutes.
The rou­tes were set up by Rebec­ca Bisig, Eli­sa­beth Mein­herz, Karin Auf­den­blat­ten, Ama­dee Schmid, Rinal­do Bor­ra, Feli­ci­tas and Egon Feller.

A / Pri­mu­la 4b
B / Kat­zen­au­ge 4c
C / Im Wind­schat­to 4c
D / Ama­ryl­lis 6a
E / Kan­te 5a
F / Pre­lude 5a
G / Mozart Sin­fo­nie 7b
H / Sche­p­fip­fi­ler 6b
J / Tschar­li 6a or 5b
K / Atten­ti al lupo 5c

Topo from the clim­bing gui­de Wiwan­ni 2022


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