Wiwanni Hut

Wiwan­ni Hut: Offer and prices

The Wiwan­ni Hut has room for 44 peo­p­le and is an ide­al start­ing point for hiking, moun­tain and clim­bing tours. We also offer spe­cial expe­ri­en­ces such as clim­bing cour­ses or moun­tai­nee­ring with yoga.
The Wiwan­ni­hut is also ide­al for school and clim­bing camps.

Nor­mal­ly the Wiwan­ni hut is guard­ed from the begin­ning of June to mid-Octo­ber. You can find the exact dates of main­ten­an­ce in the cate­go­ry News.

We offer full board and half board.

Camp with duvets, a hut slee­ping bag (silk and/or cot­ton) is desired.

  • slee­ping room for 20 persons
  • slee­ping room for 10 persons
  • slee­ping room for 12 persons

Washing faci­li­ties
A foun­tain in front of the hut.

Sani­ta­ry facilities
WC neben der Hütte

We cook with gas. For light and tele­pho­ne we have a solar ener­gy sys­tem. On cold days the hut is hea­ted with a wood stove.

Pri­ces for over­night stays
Over­night stay with half board CHF 67,
Pri­ce reduc­tion for child­ren and young people.
apero on the Wiwanni Hut
Wiwanni special sanitary room
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