Amazing view from the Wiwannihorn to the Bietschorn

Moun­tai­nee­ring around Wiwanni

The Wiwan­ni­hut is the ide­al depar­tu­re point for alpi­ne clim­bs on the Wiwan­ni­horn, the Small Augst­kum­men­horn, and the Big Augstkummenhorn.

Count­less plai­sir clim­bs in rock with good grip can be com­bi­ned with the ascent of the Wiwan­ni 3001 m abo­ve sea level or the Augst­kum­men­hör­ner 2889 m. Thus, after one of the long mul­ti-rope rou­tes or after the east ridge, one can attach the crossing Wiwan­ni­horn up to the Augstkummenhörner.
The view of the hig­hest peaks of the Valaisan Alps and the deep views of the Biets­ch­tal and Balt­schie­der­tal crea­te a spe­cial alpi­ne ambience.


Gui­ded tours:

The Alpin­schu­le Biets­chorn Aus­ser­berg regu­lar­ly orga­ni­zes clim­bing tours and clim­bing weekends in the Wiwan­ni area.

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