Wiwanni hut access

Arri­val, huts ascent

Public trans­port
The most envi­ron­men­tal­ly fri­end­ly way to get to the hut is to take a train to Aus­ser­berg and start your hiking jour­ney from the­re. The ascent from the­re to the hut is about 4.5 hours. Alter­na­tively, the­re is a taxi ser­vice from Aus­ser­berg to «Fux­tritt» that shor­tens the rise con­sider­a­b­ly, Taxi Zer­zu­ben Visp +41 (0)27 948 04 80. Or for small groups Taxi Yvonne Aus­ser­berg +41 (0)78 684 35 91.

If you arri­ve by pri­va­te car, you need to get a par­king per­mit at the top of the vil­la­ge Aus­ser­berg. You can get the per­mit at all par­king machi­nes, restau­rants and shops of the vil­la­ge. You’ll then dri­ve up the forest road to the place cal­led «Fux­tritt» on 1800 m. This is whe­re the road ends and the hiking jour­ney starts. Plea­se avo­id par­king your car on the tur­n­around as other cars might need that space to depart. Just park it along the roadsi­de. From the­re the hike takes appro­xi­m­ate­ly 1.5 hours till you reach the hut.

dri­ving permit
To use the roads out­side the vil­la­ge Aus­ser­berg you have to buy a dri­ving per­mit. This cos­ts 5.– CHF per day and each addi­tio­nal day + 3.– CHF. It is also pos­si­ble to buy an annu­al per­mit for 40.– CHF.

This dri­ving per­mit is available

  • In the vil­la­ge shop
  • At the par­king machi­ne in the upper vil­la­ge (num­ber 500)
  • Par­king­pay-app
  • Twint
Wiwanni hut access
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