Wiwanni homemade cake

Valai­si­an plea­su­re at 2470 m

On our menu you will find down-to-earth regio­nal spe­cia­li­ties inspi­red by the Swiss moun­ta­ins. In our kit­chen we also use local pro­ducts to offer you the maxi­mum enjoy­ment and ori­gi­nal taste.

Wine cul­tu­re
For wine lovers we have our own red wine, the Wiwan­ni­wein (Pinot Noir) from St. Ger­man. It is vini­fied by our part­ner, the Franz Salz­ge­ber winery.
In addi­ti­on, we have various wines from the regi­on rea­dy for you.

Beer cul­tu­re
The Suo­nen­bräu spe­cial beer, her­bal beer and gold, is pro­du­ced in the bre­wery in Ausserberg.

Cake buffet

At 2470 m abo­ve sea level, a fine pie­ce of cake is of cour­se not to be missed.

Din­ner 7  pm ( plea­se noti­fy us in good time if you are late )

At 7 pm we will ser­ve a fresh­ly pre­pared din­ner with soup, salad, main cour­se and dessert.
We always have a small snack for latecomers.
We take into account vege­ta­ri­ans, glu­ten and lac­to­se into­le­ran­ces, but ask you to noti­fy us of any spe­cial requests 4 hours in advance.

Our break­fast also con­sists of local pro­ducts. Bread, alp cheese, sau­sa­ge, sala­mi, jam, but­ter and various muesli.

Was­te disposal

All was­te is sepa­ra­ted, flown down to the val­ley by heli­c­op­ter and dis­po­sed of properly.

apero on the Wiwanni Hut
Fuxji, the Wiwanni tiger
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