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The clim­bing rou­tes on the huge slab walls in the front of Balt­schie­der Val­ley are very rewar­ding clim­bing desti­na­ti­ons far away from the sum­mer heat. If it is too cold in Wiwan­ni to hold small hand­les, this sec­tion offers well-secu­red rou­tes, best clim­bing on led­ges, sur­pri­sing holes and slabs. Pfy­fol­ter or Geis­lei­tra are recom­men­ded as an intro­duc­tion — the key pas­sa­ges are short and the clim­bing is gre­at. The other rou­tes are most­ly more per­sis­tent and deman­ding. Alre­a­dy the 1.5‑hour access to the clim­bing para­di­se of Sat­tol­wä­schi is very varied beautiful.

Access: from Aus­ser­berg along the water pipe of Niwärch to the Balt­schie­der val­ley. From Choru­der­ri par­king in about 1.15 hours of the water pipe along to the clim­bing rocks. Par­king per­mis­si­on can be purcha­sed at the par­king machi­ne in Ausserberg.
Safe­guar­ding: Very good
Des­cent: Rap­pel over the routes.
Equip­ment: 50 m dou­ble rope, 18 quick-draws, run­ners for lengthening.
Rena­te and Roland Ker­nen, Hans­pe­ter Ker­nen and San­dro Per­ren have exten­si­ve­ly reno­va­ted the routes.

A / Molyb­dän­wärch 6b
Roland Ker­nen, San­dro Per­ren 2009
B / z’wild Man­ji 6b
Roland and Hans­pe­ter Ker­nen, San­dro Per­ren 2008; Rena­te and Roland Ker­nen 2018
C / Wäs­ser­maa 6a+
Rena­te and Roland Ker­nen 2020
D / Geis­lei­tra 6a+ A0 (7a)
Roland and Hans­pe­ter Ker­nen 2008
E / Pfi­fol­ter 6a A0 (6b)
Rena­te and Roland Ker­nen 2017
F / Hink 6b
Peter Rubin, Mig­gi Mar­ge­list. Mate­ri­al rusty
G / Täl­li Tanz 6b
Hans­pe­ter Ker­nen and San­dro Per­ren 2010; Rena­te and Roland Ker­nen 2018
H / Tre­sor 6b
Hp. Ker­nen, S. Küp­fer 1982. Rebol­tet Hans­pe­ter and Roland Ker­nen, San­dro Per­ren 2007, Rena­te und Roland Ker­nen 2018
J / Alz­hei­mer Treyo 6c
R. Imbo­den and Gefährten
K / An hei­li­gen Was­sern 6b
Roland Ker­nen, San­dro Per­ren 2009

Topo from the clim­bing gui­de Wiwan­ni 2022
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