Hüt­ten­sek­tor Unterbärg

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Direct­ly next to and below the hut is the hut sec­tor, a clim­bing gar­den with four, most­ly easy mul­ti-pitch rou­tes. This is popu­lar for prac­ti­sing mul­ti-rope clim­bing and absei­ling. The sec­tor is usual­ly still cover­ed in snow until around mid-July and can only be visi­ted later. Access is via the steep gras­sy slo­pe with some pathways or via absei­ling via the Wall­clim­bers route.
Set up by Roland Ker­nen and Egon Fel­ler in sum­mer 2018.

A / Kolk­rab 6a
B / Mau­er­läu­fer 4c
C / Stein­schmät­zer 3c
D / Berg­pie­per 3b

Topo from the clim­bing gui­de Wiwan­ni 2022

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