Klet­ter­gar­ten Wandfuss

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This sec­tor con­ta­ins more chal­len­ging 25-meter rou­tes from the sixth clim­bing rating onwards on the most­ly over­han­ging rock. The very well secu­red rou­tes are main­ly visi­ted by inter­me­dia­te to advan­ced climbers.
From the hut to the ent­rance it will take you about 20 minu­tes to hike up which is an ama­zing warm-up for your body.
The rou­tes were estab­lished bet­ween 2002 and 2018 by Andre­as Fux, And­re Imbo­den, Eric Point­ner, Dani­el Leig­ge­ner, Rinal­do Bor­ra, Deni­se Wen­ger, David Wicky, Feli­ci­tas and Egon Feller.

Topo from the clim­bing gui­de Wiwan­ni 2022

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