Klet­ter­gar­ten Wolf­blat­te Ausserberg

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The clim­bing rou­tes in the Wolf­blat­te clim­bing area can be reached in 5 minu­tes from the sta­ti­on in Aus­ser­berg, direct­ly after the tun­nel of the Lötsch­berg­train, 200m towards St. Ger­man. The 31 rou­tes are bet­ween 8 and 15 meters short and offer fun clim­bing rou­tes wit­hin a rating of 3a – 7a. The south-expo­sed chalk­stone cliffs can also be clim­bed in win­ter or after rain­fall. A clim­bing gar­den with ama­zing con­nec­tions to the public trans­port network.
The rou­tes were estab­lis­hed by Hans-Chris­ti­an Leig­ge­ner, Mari­na Jos­sen, Fran­zis­ka, Feli­ci­tas and Egon Feller.
Topo from the clim­bing gui­de Wiwan­ni 2020


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